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Creative Minds Media Group (CMMG) develops films, television series and other forms of media. Through collaborative efforts, we work with independent filmmakers to best utilize and showcase their unique talents and gifts in order to get their stories told.  We also give back by coaching, mentoring, consulting, and serving our community through our educational branch.


Actor | Producer | Director | Founder


Born and raised in Chicago, Kevin Tillett served in the Army for over 22 years as a combat medic, orthopedic technician and medical advisor. After retiring from the military, Kevin began to explore his true passion of acting. He has studied with Glenn Morshower, Theresa Bell and Mike Schraeder.
His credits include Battle Line – a poetry in motion series; Dana’s Story – a human trafficking film; Jerico – a dramedy about the restrictions of a Jim Crow South, and Vindication – a crime drama.
Kevin’s goal is to create films that explore race relations, human trafficking, political issues and urban crime and violence; whether throught drama or comedy, it will always be MEDIA WITH A PUPOSE!
He is also a member of Women in Film Dallas and Veterans in Media & Film.


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